A Simple Reminder about Saving Money with Solar

With gas prices at an all-time low our reliance on nonrenewable fossil fuels threatens to fall to the back of many American’s minds now that the pump isn’t killing their wallets. After all it has been said by many green energy advocates, myself included, that the continuing rise in price of crude oil has been one of the key factors in convincing the masses that a sustainable and renewable energy source could be a worthy long-term pursuit. But while the plummeting oil prices will have many running back into the arms of Big Oil it’s important to remember that not only is renewable energy a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels but technologies such as solar power have the potential to save you dollars as well.

Often the initial install can be the most expensive part of incorporating a solar system into a residence but luckily this process has become much more accessible to the general public as solar technology continues to improve in leaps and bounds. Companies have begun to spring up in the dozens offering professional and affordable solar panel installation to residential homes across the country. To help reward those brave enough to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle many states have also begun to offer various financial incentives for individuals willing to install solar capable systems due to less strain being put on the electrical grid as a whole. Various incentive programs put forth by state government can be found here where, broken up by state, all solar incentive programs are listed. These state run and city run programs are intended to remove much of the financial burden from those willing to install sustainable technologies.

Along with the potential savings that come along with the actual installation the more shiny attractive aspect of solar power is the yearly savings on your electric bills. By allocating the sun’s rays into usable electricity for your home you are pulling less electricity from the city maintained electrical bill, which spells out savings on your end. In fact, the average homeowner can save over $1000 a year easily just by installing solar panels on their roof or property. With savings such as these so easily accessible it is imperative that everyday citizens such as you or I remember, in the face of falling oil prices, the broader worldwide goals of solar technology for a cleaner and more sustainable future. 

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