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Tips: Appliances

Appliances account for about 13% of your household's energy costs, with refrigeration, cooking, and laundry at the top of the list. Find out how much it costs to use your favorite appliance:…


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Energy Guide labels

Look for the bright yellow and black EnergyGuide label next time you are shopping for a new appliance. These panels show the estimated annual energy consumption and operating cost for each appliance so you can choose the most energy efficient option.…


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Rule Your Attic! For Comfort and Savings

When's the last time you set foot in your attic? Sometimes it's the things you can't see that cost the most money. Take a picture of your attic and tag ENERGY STAR to get custom recommendations from EPA experts on money-saving tips that also increase your home's comfort.…


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The Energy Auditor's Toolbox

What tools does an energy auditor use to determine where a home is wasting energy?…


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How efficient is your furnace?

What's your AFUE IQ? Learn about your furnace or boiler's annual fuel utilization efficiency here:

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Tips: Lighting

An average household dedicates about 5% of its energy budget to lighting. Switching to energy-efficient lighting is one of the fastest ways to cut your energy bills. Timers and motion sensors save you even more money by reducing the amount of time lights…


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Fall and Winter Energy-Saving Tips

If you dial back your heating and cooling demands by 10°-15°F during the typical 8-hour workday, you can your lower electricity bill by about 10%. Read more tips on saving energy in the Fall and Winter:…


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Energy Saver 101: Home Energy Audits

You can assess many of your own energy-saving needs yourself, but a professional home energy audit will give you a thorough picture of where your home is losing energy and which improvements will help you save the most money. Here's what to expect from your audit >>…


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Benefits of LED lighting

Go Green AND Save Green with LED Lighting. Save money and reduce your environmental impact by switching to LED lighting today.

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Take the Pledge to Save Energy!

Looking for something to kick-start your energy-saving actions? Take the Energy Star Pledge to Save Energy!…


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Solar Decathlon: Yale University Seeks an Open Approach in Y-House

Yale University has entered the Solar Decathlon for the first time this year.

“If undergraduates with no prior experience can design, build, and ship a net-zero house in under two years, it is exciting to imagine how our current generation might tackle issues of sustainability,” says Kate McMillan, Yale Solar Decathlon Team's co-project…


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Insulate Hot Water Pipes for Energy Savings

Tired of waiting for hot water? Adding insulation to water pipes can help—plus it allows you to lower your water temperature, saving ‪#‎energy‬ and money. Find out how:…


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Proper Insulation Saves Money in Your Home

Proper insulation can save money and keep your home comfortable. From the attic to the crawlspace, find out where you need insulation in your home >>…


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Seal Air Leaks to Save Energy

Don't let cool conditioner air escape! Seal up air leaks to save energy all year long! >>…


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Saving Energy Saves Money

Before installing a renewable energy system, whether it is wind, water, geothermal, or solar, make sure your home is as energy efficient as possible to reduce the size of the system needed.…


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Thinking about going solar?

Looking to go solar, but have questions before you do? Learn more about the resources that can gauge your home’s solar potential and even estimate your monthly energy savings:…


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How an Air Conditioner Works

TIP: Don't suffer with humidity in your home! Pass a stiff wire through your air conditioner's drain channels to keep them from getting clogged!…


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Can You Save Money by Closing HVAC Vents in Unused Rooms?

Heating and cooling a home use a lot of energy and are a major focus when people try to reduce utility bills. Some have suggested that closing HVAC vents in unused or little used rooms as a way to reduce energy usage and bills, and there are products coming to market that will automate vent closing.

This might seem intuitively like a good idea but is closing vents really beneficial? Are there downside?

A new post at Energy Vanguard suggests the answer may surprise some. …


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A Home Cooling Strategy for Lower Energy Bills

Hot weather has arrived, and you've likely used your air conditioner at least a few times already (if not more). But have you spent the time to ensure that it's running as it should?

And have you considered an overall cooling strategy that could help you run your air conditioner less, save money, and stay cool and comfortable?

EERE Energy Savers has tips that can help you get on track to a comfortable, efficient cooling season. …


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Ventilation Systems for Cooling

Ventilation is the least expensive and most energy-efficient way to cool buildings. Ventilation works best when combined with methods to avoid heat buildup in your home. In some cases, natural ventilation will suffice for cooling, although it usually needs to be supplemented with spot ventilation, ceiling fans, and window fans. For large homes, homeowners might want…


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