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Public Art to Promote Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency can be a tough sell. Providing detailed information about financial savings and environmental benefits doesn’t always motivate conservation. So when rational arguments don’t work, how can we influence energy behavior? Perhaps by creating an emotional response…


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How to Handle Windows in Historic Housing

By: Nicholas Haywood

There’s no denying the charm of historic housing, but it does come with some heavy problems. Residents who…


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Pollution in the Home: Kitchens Can Produce Hazardous Levels of Indoor Pollutants

Scientist Brett Singer is a vegetarian. So why has he been frying up hamburgers? Singer and his team of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) indoor air researchers have found hazardous levels of nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide in a surprisingly large portion of California home kitchens. What’s more, their studies have shown that…


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Kitchen Safety Tips for Remodeling and New Construction

Jerry slammed his notebook onto the counter and exclaimed “I will not be your electrician if you don’t put in proper make-up air for your kitchen exhaust system.  I will not stand for clients and contractors who cheat the system and end up sick…


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Elder Star

All of us have elderly relatives or friends, but have you ever considered their energy consumption patterns? On the surface, those patterns may look little different from your own, but in fact the aging population brings new needs across the whole spectrum of health, transportation, recreation, housing, and safety. And since the over-65 cohort is a growing fraction…


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Leaky Ducts Suck In Health Hazards

Duct leaks are a fairly common way to lose conditioned air and suck outdoor air into your home. I once worked on a new 4,000 square foot upscale suburban home that smelled like a sewer. The owners had been living in a downtown hotel for three months to avoid the smell.

My testing showed that the ducts that carry air from…


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Learning Thermostat - A Huge Impact on Energy Savings

Okay, I have had a couple of programmable thermostats in the past, but once again about 11 months ago I was doing my weekly (sometimes daily) stroll through the neighborhood "big-box" home improvement store. And back in the back, past the garden section, there is this little end-of-the-aisle display with a video playing about this neatly packaged "Nest."

And, I am…


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Heating and Cooling No Longer Majority of U.S. Home Energy Use

Occasionally events that happened years ago make news today. That is exactly what happened recently when DOE announced that heating and cooling dropped to less than half of home energy use.. in 2009. This news is not earthshaking—and our creaky data-gathering apparatus took four years to notice—but it signals both success and a need for introspection on the part of the home energy industry.

Here’s what the Energy Information…


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Window Replacement—Wading Through the Maze of Options & Sales

In 2012 we decided it was time to replace our 27-year old contractor grade double paned aluminum widows. Some of the seals had failed. Some of the window were leaking (water).

We planned to replace 19 windows initially and ended up replacing 21 in total. 11 of which were single-hung 3-0x6-0 that we replaced…


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Homeowner How-To: Staying Cool with your HVAC Checklist

There's no denying it: summer is here. But that doesn't mean you should deny potential savings on your energy bill and overall power usage this season – and one often-overlooked area is the air conditioning department.

Sadly, our HVAC units are far too frequently neglected until it's too late, it breaks and we are left sweltering in…


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Preparing Homes for Future Blackouts

We all have stories about losing power in our home for several hours—or days—and many people suspect that power interruptions are becoming more frequent. They may be right; unfortunately, the utility data are so sketchy that nobody can say for certain. But declining investment in maintenance on the part of utilities, plus the…


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Momentum Builds For Energy Efficiency...But Is The Wolf at The Door?

It says something that Ernest Moniz (pictured) chose to deliver his first public talk as US energy secretary to an energy efficiency crowd.

His recent appearance…


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Replaced my A/C This Weekend; Results of Downsizing by 1/3

Recently my 13-year-old Carrier A/C devolved a leak and I chose to replace the system rather than track down the leak and repair the coil. I had been reading about doing Manual J calculations and how contractors are scared to death to undersize. I had been…


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HVAC Updates to Save Money and Resources

Homeowners across the country are looking for ways to save money and reduce their environmental impact, but for many it can be difficult to know where to start. According to current government estimates, the biggest portion of home energy use, up to 56%, is caused by heating and cooling the house. While climate control isn't something any of us are willing to give up, and in some cases it is a necessity, not a luxury, there are some changes, both large and small,…


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What happens when you get snow on solar panels?

Greener living starts at home! There are plenty of things you can do to save energy and water around the house and reduce your bills. One of these things is to install solar panels. Solar panels on your roof can generate electricity and can help you to heat water for use.



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Little Things You Can Do to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

You don't have to invest in a $45,000 solar array on your roof in order to help your home be more energy efficient. There several things you can do around the house to help decrease those energy bills and help promote a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Although some of these ideas will require dedication on your part, you can save a great deal of energy by eliminating a few power drains that you may not realize that you're doing.…


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Electric Power Saving Products For Homeowners

All homeowners are energy users. It is anticipated that if every household in America used only one incandescent light bulb, they would still be able to match the energy output of one whole nuclear power plant. Certainly, each family utilizes a lot more than just one lamp, so you could imagine the amount of energy that is…


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Green Cipherin' - What's Slowing the Mainstreaming of Green Building, and What Homeowners Can Do about It

MLSs (Multiple Listing Services) across the country are unveiling “green-field addenda” (GFAs) and searchable fields to highlight green features. Twenty-five percent of new-home sales are ENERGY STAR-certified, and utility programs across the country provide…


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Are Realtors doing enough for “Future Generations?”

This time two weeks ago I was in Anaheim, California, at the National Association of Realtors’ Annual Conference, themed “Seize the Day“.…


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Missed Opportunity? Energy Audits @ Home Purchase


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