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Crawl Spaces

If your house has a raised floor and no basement, the crawl space is the area between the floor framing and the ground below. This space can be either vented (the most co…


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Washing Dishes: By Machine or by Hand?

Studies have found that a new, energy-efficient dishwasher saves significant amounts of both water and energy compared to hand dishwashing. So if your dishwasher is more than seven to ten years old, you’ll probably want to consider buying a new one. Not only can a new dishwasher save water and energy, but some of them are exceptionally quiet.…


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Do Today or Do Later?

Planning projects you can do today:

    Make an appointment with a home performance assessor.

    Start a Homeowner’s Manual for your home.

    Try out some no-budget changes that make better use of space and energy.

Planning projects that will take more time:

    Carefully consider your goals for this project.



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Keeping food cold can use a lot of energy

Keeping food cold can use a lot of energy. Here’s another area where you need to make careful decisions.…


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Energy Saving Upgrades For Renters

Renters have a unique situation when it comes to energy savings. Without being able to make permanent changes to their dwellings it can be difficult to capitalize on energy-saving improvements. However, there are still plenty of opportunities for renters to go green without making any lasting changes to a property.…


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