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Water is an essential and limited resource, not to be wasted. Treating and pumping water to your home consumes energy. Heating that water consumes even more energy; it accounts for 15–40% of a household’s energy bill.

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Watt about Water?

Water uses energy. Energy uses water. The "water-energy nexus"—as it has come to be known—is one of the emerging hot topics when it comes to making homes greener and more resource-efficient. The …Continue

Started by Home Energy Saver Feb 18, 2013.

How Much Water and Money Can You Save?

The average American family spends about 18% of their total energy bill on hot water. That’s about $400 per year to heat water with natural gas—or about $650 with an electric water heater. In warmer…Continue

Started by Home Energy Saver Feb 15, 2013.

Do Today/Do Later

Water projects you can do today:Insulate your water heater tank and pipes.Save hot and cold water with a few simple changes in your behavior.Reuse graywater in your garden.Set up a maintenance…Continue

Started by Home Energy Saver Feb 15, 2013.

Install Water-Saving Devices

There are many devices that can help you save water in the home. These include low-flow…Continue

Started by Home Energy Saver Feb 15, 2013.


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