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Energy - general reading

No matter what level of remodel you’re planning—whether it’s installing a new toilet or stripping your house down to the framing, it’s smart to include energy improvements.

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Do Today/Do Later

Home energy improvements you can make today:Replace old incandescent bulbs with CFLs or…Continue

Started by Home Energy Saver Feb 11, 2013.

Your Home Is a Complex System

It doesn’t pay to improve your home’s energy efficiency without considering other aspects of its performance. In the 1970s, for example, there was a big push to insulate and seal up houses. But…Continue

Started by Home Energy Saver Feb 11, 2013.

How Far Will You Go? How Will You Know When You Get There?

Are you ready for maximum energy savings? Several programs and standards will give you a target to aim for.If your renovation is going to be a complete gut rehab—stripping all the building envelope…Continue

Started by Home Energy Saver Feb 11, 2013.

Should You Use Renewable-Energy Sources?

Renewable energy comes from sources that will last indefinitely. Your basic options at home are solar, wind, and hydropower (generating electricity via moving water).Solar EnergyIf the sun shines on…Continue

Started by Home Energy Saver Feb 11, 2013.


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