Energy-efficient refrigerators are quieter, run less often, release less heat into your kitchen, and keep their contents cool longer during power outages.

An extra benefit of the more efficient compressors and motors found in energy-efficient refrigerators is that they run quieter and turn on and off less often.

Since efficient units gain heat from their surroundings more slowly they don't need to reject as much heat into your kitchen, making your home more comfortable during hot summer periods.

Because energy-efficient refrigerators are better insulated, they stay cool better than ordinary units. One major benefit of this, in addition to energy savings, is that during power outages they will warm up much more slowly than ordinary (less efficient) units. This means less inconvenience and loss of valuable contents.

Clothes Washers

Efficient clothes washers can reduce water use significantly, leave the clothes drier and cleaner, and reduce wear and tear on clothes.

Some efficient horizontal axis clothes washers use up to 50% less water.

Some efficient clothes washers spin the clothes faster, leaving them drier, which in turn decreases the amount of time in the dryer and the energy consumed by the clothes dryer.

Some efficient horizontal-axis washers cause less wear and tear on the clothes, and some are easier to fit bulky items (such as blankets) into. Front-loading tumble-action washers may actually get clothes cleaner, according to independent studies.


Some efficient dishwashers reduce water use and/or have shorter run times.

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