Everything You Wanted To Know About Solar Pool Heating

What is the use of a swimming pool at your backyard, when you cannot use it throughout the year? You have to pay the maintenance charges, clean the pool and repair the damages and then restrict your usage only for eight months when the temperature is favorable. So, is it reasonable to spend so much when you can use the swimming pool only for a few months? For instance, if you are living in Florida, the weather conditions keep on changing because the state lies almost on the lap of the ocean. It holds the record for the costliest weather disasters in the U.S history. However, the region of Tampa usually has a tropical climate, except the four winter months. So, pool heater can be an excellent option for the residents of this city. But if you still think solar pool heating in Tampa is nothing but a luxury, then this FAQ can help you out.

What Is The Need for Heating The Pool?

After a lot of thinking, you decided to have a pool at your backyard. This will be a place for having fun with your family and friends, for exercising and relaxing. The money you have decided to invest for building the pool along with other therapeutic facilities and security system is definitely huge. These clearly imply that you are expecting to utilize the pool at the optimum level. But, what if the water of the pool is too cold to swim, especially in the winter? This will not allow you to fully realize the benefits of your investment. A solar heater can help you out. On installing it, the water temperature in the pool will remain comfortable throughout the year. No matter how cold the weather is, your pool will always be ready to welcome you at ease.

Is It Better than Pumps Used for Heating Pool?

In order to run the pump for heating, you have to use electricity, which has completely no use for a solar heating system. The heat pump depends on a refrigerant system which has a motor and compressor. If these mechanical parts go out of order, replacing them is very expensive. Solar pool heater, however, depends on sun’s energy, which is completely free. However, you can keep an electrical heat pump as an alternative.

Is It Completely Environment Friendly?

If you are really conscious about the environment, solar pool heating will be the right choice. There is no chance of power wastage because no fossil fuel is used. Unlike the heating pumps, there are no refrigerants to create air pollution, ozone depletion or leave a ‘greenhouse effect’.

Can the Solar Energy Heat a Pool Evenly?

If you have designed the solar pool heating system properly, there will be no chance of uneven pool heating. The energy of sun is the fuel for heating your pool to a comfortable temperature. So, on winter days, you not only get to relax at the poolside but can enjoy a swim in the pool cheerfully.

Is This Heating System Easy to Operate?

Operating a solar pool heating system is no rocket science. This is fully automatic and simple to use like any other electric or fossil operated pool heaters. The maintenance cost is less and you do not have to deal much with internal mechanical errors like wear and tear of motor or compressor.

How Does a Solar Heater Work?

In order to circulate filtered water in the pool, a pump is used. The solar heater system uses this pump to divert the cold pool water through small passages of the solar collectors. The system heats the water and drains it out back into the pool. Once the desired temperature of the pool is reached, the water by-pass the solar collector and return to the pool. There is an automatic control valve in the system that monitors the temperature of the pool and the collectors.

How to Maintain It?

Beyond the usual procedure of winterizing the pool, you do not have to do anything else to maintain a solar pool system.

How Much Will a Solar Pool Heater Cost?

The price of the heat pump is the same as your gas heater. That is the only cost you have to bear because rest the process is natural. You can save a lot of money because there is no cost involved in buying fuel. Solar heater is both durable and economic. The money that you would have otherwise invested in electrical heating can now be used to upgrade the swimming pool.

What Will Be the Size Of The System?

The size of the solar pool heater depends on a number of factors. Some of these are:

  • the size of the pool

  • hours and time of usage

  • geographic area

  • climate of the region

  • orientation of the solar collectors

The service provider needs to think about all these factors while installing the heater. It is better if you refrain from taking the decision yourself, and rather count on an expert to give you a better idea.

There is no dearth of sunshine in Florida. That is one of the reasons why solar pool heating in Tampa is a very viable option for homeowners. All you need to do is place the solar collector panel at a place where it can get a good exposure to the sun. The angle of the mounting surface is important as well. Keep these panels away from wind and let it run for some time, if you want the pool to stay warm longer. With these heaters in use, there is no need to leave your pool unused anymore during the winters. You can resume your swimming sessions at home and stay fit all the time. Cost of maintaining a swimming pool is high, so why not make the most use of it? Plus, you can expect a solar pool heating system to run for decades. This means, once you install these, you are looking at many years of ‘warm’ winters. Install a solar heater and brush up your swimming skills throughout the year, while the neighbors wait for the winters to pass.  

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