First of all, thank you for allowing me to be apart of this forum. It is an exciting time at The Internet of Things becomes part of our lives.

I wanted to hear what you all thought about this new integration our company LockState has developed with Energy, Inc.' TED: The Energy Detective.  The solution allows consumers to automatically control multiple devices in the home - based on the cost of electricity, daily or monthly budget, or simply the amount of electricity being used as monitored by TED. Consumers can now choose to set a typical schedule for automation, or allow decisions to be made automatically, based on user-set parameters of energy cost and usage.

"Energy, Inc.’s integration with Lockstate will allow our TED customers to not only monitor their energy usage, but control it, based on how much their utility is charging them at any given second,” said Dolph Rodenberg, President of Energy, Inc.  “This new integration can be used in homes, offices, and companies around the world.  Electricity bills, demand rates, and energy usage will dramatically decrease with this new technology."

Thanks for considering this and sharing your thoughts.

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Truly Said John,

Energy efficiency meets home automation.

We are flooded with energy appliances which are super efficient and can now be connected and controlled by other devices.

For example, Gorilla fans just consume 28Watts of power and also has remote to control and change settings. This can also be easily controlled by other devices like PC with a a few easy tweaks. and Hence increasing the efficiency!


Save Money and Energy


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