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No-Regrets Remodeling

As described in the book, no-regrets remodeling means ending up with an attractive home that meets your needs while being more energy efficient, comfortable, and durable; less costly to operate and maintain; and healthier for you and your family. It also means avoiding expensive, hazardous mistakes or needing to do the job over again. This community offers information to help you achieve all of these goals for your home.

While most of the information in this community is organized by specific topic area, there are important factors to keep in mind no matter how small or large your home-improvement project will be. These factors are:

  • Energy efficiency: Reducing the amount of energy used to operate your home
  • Safety and health: During construction, for you and your workers; afterward, for your whole family
  • Comfort: Feeling warm in winter, cool in summer, free of nasty drafts, and easily able to see whatever you’re doing
  • Water efficiency: Enjoying water without wasting it, indoors and out
  • Durability: Building so that all the parts of your house last as long as possible
  • Value: Targeting your expenditures to maintain and or increase the value of your home, both in the marketplace and in your day-to-day experience
  • Whole-house systems thinking: Knowing how each part of your house interacts with the others, for your own peace of mind


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